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Time Traveler Frame by Olga Heldwein

Olga Heldwein is of course a phenomenal designer with much to offer but this kit really shows her skills in my opinion. She transforms a plain old canvas in to this….



The video that accompanies this mixed media kit is filled with information and tips as to how put your mists and inks to work so that you can create a vintage masterpiece. I for one was blown away. Maybe it’s just me but when you look at this canvas and then watch what Olga does to create the final project… I just loved it. Certainly techniques you can use over and over again in your projects and layouts.  If you are more of an album person, you can always do this one without adding the frame (of course frame adds so much but to each their own).

Here are some close-ups…

DSC_6462 DSC_6495

We have a busy week. If all goes as planned, a new one from Nadia Cannizzo and Gabrielle Pollacco. Early next week, Stacey Young is back.

Kits are moving – we have 1 left from Steff Miller (Dream Big), 1 left from Stacey Young (Remember).  We won’t be able to stock more of these due to product availability but we are working on replenishing our supply of Frank Garcia’s La Vie Album from Live with Prima.

Enough ramblings from me. Till the next time.