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#66. Everyday by Kasia Krzyminska

66. Everyday by Kasia Krzyminska (MMK98)

A long awaited return for the fabulous mixed media kits from Kasia Krzyminska for The Scrapbook Diaries.  Kasia’s artworks are always filled with hidden treasures and depths beyond the norm. Her latest kit, Everyday, is no different!  It’s packed with trinkets and goodies to make a unique layout. In addition, it features one of her stamp sets for The Scrapbook Diaries as well as her Folk Flowers Stencil for The Crafters Workshop!

66. Everyday by Kasia Krzyminska (MMK98)
66. Everyday by Kasia Krzyminska (MMK98)

As always playing along with Kasia is a good time. Her online tutorial  (password sent with confirmation email when you purchase kit) shows step-by-step how to go about making this layout.

We packaged it up a bit differently this time… we are offering basic kit (materials), basic plus (materials plus mists and watercolors) as well as Complete (materials, mists, watercolors, stamp set and stencil).  This way there’s something for all of you!

Here is a sample bonus page I came up with…

Everyday Bonus Sample MMK98
Everyday Bonus Sample by Janene Meyerowitz (MMK98)

Thanks for checking in. Coming this week… a beautiful layout from Gabrielle Pollacco and a new designer to the Scrapbook Diaries but known to probably just about all of you, Keren Tamir!



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Kasia Krzyminska Products!

Kasia Krzyminska Logo

I am not sure what more I really need to say other than – Kasia Krzymińska (aka Czekoczyna)!  I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Kasia for over a year now. Kasia is one of those people you can’t help but to fall in love with!  On Live With Prima yesterday during her show, all the folks were chatting about how awesome Kasia is.  She’s like a happy infection – just makes you smile.


Not only is Kasia an amazing person but talented beyond!  So I was beyond excited when Kasia agreed to work on a special project for us.  We’re coming out with some designer exclusive stamp sets.  Kasia has created 3 stamp sets for us. Each measures 4″ x 6″ with several individual stamps on the sheet. Each retails for $9.99.

Kasia-Set1 KASIA-SET2 Kasia-Set-3

Awesome right?  Well it doesn’t stop there.  We also just received our shipment of BRAND NEW stencils from The Crafters Workshop! If you have been reading Kasia’s blog than you know she is coming out with her very own release release of stencils. They’re nothing short of great!   Here’s a few samples…

TCW495SeaBubbles TCW492Kasiasletters TCW490TatteredLace

All available in both 12″ x 12″ and 6″ x 6″.  In addition we did get a bunch of new Rebekah Meier and Jenni Bowlin Stencils also from The Crafters Workshop. You can find our complete selection here.

International Shipping Rates:

I have already received a lot of inquiries regarding shipping. If interested in the stencils and/or stamp sets only, these items are very light. We do ship in a stay flat envelope which is a little more costly.  These are the pricing we are willing to quote. If interested, please contact us with items and shipping address. we can send invoice for payment.

1-2 stamp sets/stencils: US$9

3-4 stamp sets/stencils: US$11.50

5-6 stamp sets/stencils: US$13.50

I do hope this helps. Of course if interested in other items, please feel free to contact us with a list of items and address and we will do our best to accommodate and ship as low as we can. Please note we do use the US Postal Service and are able to ship packages under 4 pounds (approx. 1.8kg) via first class mail. All other packages must be shipped via Priority Mail. 

Thanks for stopping by today. We have lots more coming soon! We have a new kit from the talented Georgia Heald this week as well as another stamp set or two she created!


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Happy Day – Kasia is Back with a New Kit!

It’s no secret how much I adore Kasia Krzymińska (aka. Czekoczyna). Not only is she an amazingly talented designer and artist but she is also just one of the nicest people I’ve ever come across.  It’s been a while since we’ve had a new release from her but of course for good reason… when you are THAT good, everyone wants you.  You can see Kasia’s work all over the place.  From her DT work for Prima and Mixed Media Place to PaperHaus and more.

We’re just so lucky to have her creating amazing kits for us.  Her latest mixed media kit, Joy, is absolutely no different. With bold choice of colors, you just want to keep adding more and more (at least I did – that pink… wow, packs a punch and I don’t even like pink). Enough rambling… Kasia creates an awesome base to allow the various mediums to blend and pop.

51 Joy by Kasia


You’ll get access to the private instructional video showing you the process Kasia took to create this beauty.  In addition, you’ll be sent the materials needed (please note that the stencil used only comes in the complete kit, basic does not include). In addition, we added a few extra things to show you how the mediums included can go a long way with just a few extra pieces.  Here’s the bonus I came up with…

Joy Bonus Page


Hope you like!

And as if all this wasn’t enough… I got an email that 4 boxes of Prima – over 100 pounds of Prima goodies are on their way to us and will arrive Wednesday. Now I just need to get my …. moving and add it all to the store.  Oh yeah, as if I could forget… upcoming kits… Gabrielle Pollacco, Stacey Young and Frank Garcia.  Got to take those kids to the library. More very soon – I promise.


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38. from Kasia Krzyminska

Just in case you didn’t read through our last post (it was a long one), I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on our unveiling of a new kit from Kasia, 38. Kasia’s kits are always filled with little details that combine together to make a spectacular project. Kasia always blows my mind when it comes time to picking colors and using different mediums. This kit is of course no different. I have never used watercolor pencils. I now think they’re the greatest things and NEED to play more. Loving them!  Mix them with Artist Pigment Powder and some Silks… Look what you get….


And how cute is Kasia? Love this photo. I wish I was at ProzArt and got some pics with that fabulous photographer, Marcin. Maybe next year.

Thanks for stopping by. Check back tomorrow for a new kit from Adrienne that you won’t want to miss out on.
P.S. – be sure to check back often, Friend us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter- we have a lot of great new kits coming out and some great new designers who are going to be releasing their first kits for us… trust me when I say the quality and talent of these designers is beyond… truly some of the best in the world.


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33. (Hello) Mixed Media Kit from Kasia Krzymińska

Kasia Krzymińska (aka. Czekoczyna) is by far one of the most talented mixed media artists I know. It’s in her blood, fingers and bones. She has it all. Whenever she sends me her sample layouts, I just swoon. I mean full on “oh” and “ah” at all the details. I always love her work. Of course I don’t wait for her to send me photos, I stalk her blog twice a day to see her latest innovations.

Her latest kit, #33. (Hello) was featured on the 7Dots Studio Blog this month.  They did a piece on bubbles. And don’t you know it, Kasia’s example was amazing! Her use of Glossy Accents from Ranger nailed the concept.  As ALWAYS, her use of colors is remarkable. This kit is loaded with yummy shades of blues, a little green and some yellow to warm it all up. It has 4 (yes 4) mini Twinkling H2O Watercolor Pods along with 4 Mini Misters filled with Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels.  The colors blend seamlessly to create this amazing look….


I know, stunning, right?  Love it!  I had so much fun getting to play and recreate Kasia’s work by following along on the online tutorial. When you purchase this kit, you get the password to access the online video to watch over and over.  And my favorite part, this is the first time Kasia talks to us.  I have always known her to be sweet and inspiring but seeing her in person with words makes this kit my favorite yet. She may be from Poland but don’t be fooled – her English is great.  There is no misinterpreting her intentions or thoughts.

As with just about all of our kits, we wanted to offer you another layout sample using the product base Kasia uses (with a few extra pieces). So here is the bonus sample layout…

Smile Bonus Layout

Maybe it’s just me but after watching the video, you just want to put the learned steps in to use. I had so much fun on this one. Hope you like it as much as I do.

And as promised, we offer the kit in a Complete form and Basic.  For this kit the difference is in the stamps used (no stencil on this one).  The complete kit comes with two stamp sets from BoBunny; the basic kit without the stamps. Here’s a pic of the basic kit…

Basic Kit Product Pic
Basic Kit Product Pic


Thanks for looking.


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Kasia (Czekoczyna) is Back with Another Kit

Who doesn’t love Kasia Krzymińska (aka. Czekoczyna)?  Her sweet demeanor and amazing talent are just two tiny components that make up part of this fabulous woman.

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the choice of colors she uses on her projects.  Her latest kit, 30. (Summer), mixes 5 colors of Silks Acrylic Gazes from Splash of Color along with 2 Twinkling H2O’s mixed with 2 Coleration sprays from Art Anthology.  And all of these different mediums brings together lavender, gold, reds and various shades fuchsia. And when you see the 2 shades of red, you too will most likely think, really? Mix this with this…. but yes – I think the tomato red is my favorite part. Who knew this would all work together? Kasia – that’s who.

Here it is…

30. Mixed Media Kit (Summer)


As with just about all of our designer kits, we have a bonus layout included as well to use up some spare parts along with a few added other pieces….

Bonus Layout
Bonus Layout

You get all the materials and products to make both of these layouts.  When you order this kit, a password will be sent in your confirmation email that will allow you access to an online video tutorial from Kasia.

30 Product Pic

Hope you like it as much as I do.





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Prima, I am Delighted!

Just watched the latest Prima video with another new line, Delight from Jodi Lee. Jodi Lee and Frank Garcia are too cute and funny. Anyway.. the new lines seems amazing and we plan on ordering it all (ok maybe not quite as I can’t afford all of it but certainly a lot). 🙂 We’ll aim to have pre-orders up by the end of this week.

On to other exciting news… too many fabulous designer kits coming soon.  I just received photos from Kasia, Natalie and Lene. And let me just say – wow!   then we alos have two Live with Prima kits coming out soon.  One is for Kasia’s Treasure Canvas which aired in June.  The other is from Frank Garcia which is scheduled to air a little later this month.

Lots of moving pieces on my end but will work to get all of these things uploaded to the site. Here’s a little peek at Kasia’s new kit (30)…


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26. (Family) from Czekoczyna – Kasia Krzymińska

It might seem like I say the same thing every month but seriously… Kasia Krzymińska (Czekoczyna) is one of the most amazing mixed media artists in the world.  This may be my opinion but I know a lot of you out there would agree.  We couldn’t be luckier than to have her designing some kit for us here at The Scrapbook Diaries.  26. ia absolutely no different.  This layout might just be my favorite to date – if not for the color combo… the mediums and techniques are amazing too.  I had so much fun recreating this layout while I watched the accompanying video.

Here’s Kasia’s layout..

26. by Kasia Krzymińska (aka. Czekoczyna)

While watching the video, I made this…

Family Sample by Janene
Family Sample by Janene

I’ve never proclaimed to be a mixed media artist but after looking at this, I might just have to change my tune. I loved everything about this kit, class, video.  The whole thing!  Just pure joy.  It is a bit on the pricier side for our kits but worth every penny in my opinion.  We charge for the product included in the kit and nothing more.  There’s so many paints, mists, etc. plus a stencil, 3 stamps, flowers. Best to read the product list in description for a complete list.  But you’ll be able to complete more projects with the leftovers.

Here’s a picture of the bonus layout (materials included in kit for this second page)…

Bonus Page
Bonus Page

More kits coming next week.

Thanks for looking,


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23. Layout by Kasia

So excited that today is here and I can announce another fabulous kit from  Kasia Krzymińska (aka. Czekoczyna).  Kasia’s style is amazing and she has such a way about her to make what looks like such a complicated work of art become a fun, inspiring process.  I wish I could come up with new ways of saying just how much I think of Kasia as an artist and a person but I can’t.  She is amazing!!!

That said, here is her latest installment, Layout 23.

23 by Czeckocyna
23 by Czeckocyna

I hope you like it as much as I do.

The kit is loaded with products.   In addition to being able to recreate Kasia’s layout, we included a few extra materials to make a bonus layout.  From mists to stencils to stamps, you’ll be able reuse so many products to create even more projects.

Here’s a pic of the bonus layout…

23. Bonus Layout
23. Bonus Layout