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You and Me by Stacey Young

I have to preface this post by stating I am extremely fortunate to have the designers we have on board with us. We have been so fortunate to get designers from around the world with such different styles and techniques. For this I am forever grateful (and more coming).

Now for this post… Anyone who knows me knows I am in absolute awe of the one and only Stacey Young.  Stacey’s layering and … well just everything about what she does blows me away.  I am so happy to announce she is debuting her first kit for The Scrapbook Diaries. As is typical with Stacey’s work, You and Me is a masterpiece of layers.  Learn first hand the process Stacey takes in creating her layouts.  The kit is offered as a basic kit (all materials except mediums and stencil) as well as a complete kit (materials, mediums – Grunge Net stencil sold separately).

Here it is….

You & Me

Our take for a bonus page – used leftovers with a few extra flowers and some paper…

you and Me Bonus Sample

With any kit that has this much product, you are going to find it’s a bit more expensive than some others. Worth it in my opinion!  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Lots more next week….Possibly another new designer – another fun one from Frank Garcia (this one’s a Scrapbook Diaries exclusive).