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Snowed In

The Blizzard of 2013 has not been kind to us.  Here in the Northeast, we got slammed with snow.  In Suffolk County, New York – we got 30″.  While this is a lot, we’ve seen this amount before.  But what I haven’t experienced is the lack of snow removal.  Our street was just plowed an hour ago.  2 1/2 days since the last snow fell.  On a positive note, at least we are safe and sound and with power.  After 9 days without power as a result of Hurricane Sandy this fall, you have to be thankful for small things.


Just wanted to mention all of this as some of our shipments due last Friday have still yet to arrive.  We are hoping to get orders out tomorrow, Tuesday, February 12th – worst case by Wednesday.  We are making all efforts to ensure shipments as soon as possible.

To put this all in perspective – the tiny little blue dot in the middle of photo is my 21-month old son’s head popping out of the trail his Dad made with the snow blower. 🙂

Please bare with us.