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School Memories Clipboard by Steph Miller

Steph Miller has totally got me back in love with mini albums.  I used to make nothing but mini albums and then… I don’t know… things changes… haven’t made a mini album in probably 4 years or so.  Now… Oh… I want to make more. This was so fun and is so cute!  One day the kids will be old enough for school and I will put it to use. 🙂

Steph’s School Memories Clipboard aired on Live with Prima at the end of August.  Took me a few weeks to get just about all the materials in stock, kitted up and ready to go but it’s here now.

This project shows you how to change an ugly clipboard from the Dollar Store and turn it in to a treasure to show off school photos and memorabilia.  The details and how to’s are just awesome!  With lots of layers, you can make an amazing mini album of your own.

School Memories Clipboard by Steph Miller:

School Memories Cover


There’s so much product packed in to this kit that you are sure to create even more with the supplies.

School Memories Clipboard Product Pic


Hope you like it as much as I do