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Prima is Coming!

Prima is due to arrive on Thursday.  We ordered more than we should have for sure but it’s all so pretty – who can chose?  I am an equal opportunist and couldn’t deny any of those color combos. 🙂  We will be posting new products all week long. But just to give an idea…

Most Items from Frank’s Live With Prima (8/13/13)  – Burlap sheets, flowers, School Collection papers, bark things, etc.

Other lines include…

Delight – the papers, chipboards, glazed brads, sugar dots, flair buttons and more

School Memories – papers, chipboard, flowers

Allstar – papers, tiocket/tags

Flowers – Perdu, Serenity, Scarlett, Le Mia, Audrey, Lucido, Bellas, La Tela, La Ciza, Olivia, Nieve, Layla, Charlotte, Lil Missy, Abbey, Florella (leaves)

Misc – Crochet Doilies, resins, junkyard heart gears, 6×6 stencils, natural bark pieces, wood icons, crystal arrows, stitch stamps (my favorite), pebbles (another favorite), complete chalk assortment (all 40 colors in one), junkyard findings pipes, taps, canvas alphabet stickers, etc

Will keep you posted