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Prima Color Bloom Spray Report

These amazing Color Bloom Sprays are a bit different than what we’re used to.  Had the chance to test them first hand at Prima’s Art*Venture in Anaheim.

First there’s the handle… These ergonomic mists can be used with ease and allow for both a full coverage spray and a splatter effect.  In addition, there’s so much pigment in their, you can fill your bottles with water 1-2 times before really being out. This will provide for a great deal more product than ever used to before.

Personally. I loved the colors and the coverage it provided. Here are some sample pics from classes I took at Art*Venture…

Frank Garcia‘s Class (OMG) – Love Frank, the layout and the class!!!  Back to mists… Three colors used on the frame (Gold Foil, Worn Leather and Antique Gold).

IMG_2843  IMG_2844

Jamie Dougherty‘s Class… This sample shows a chipboard album covered with gesso and gel medium.  See the coverage of the sprays? Loved it!  After heavily spraying, I dabbed with paper towel to get that real splatter type look.

IMG_2846   IMG_2848

Steff Miller… we need to discuss this woman’s energy, happy to be around personality … Steff is just a joy! Seriously, you can’t help to smile and want to hug her.  She’s just a love. Back to the topic at hand.. the Color Bloom Sprays… This sample from Steff’s class shows the mists sprayed on raw chipboard. As you’ll see there is some lapse in coverage. If the chipboard wouldn’t have warped, you could spray for full coverage. Think sealing it first with gesso or gel medium is the way to go but a different look…

IMG_2849   IMG_2851

We’ll be carrying the full assortment.  For now we are offering them in sets (individual colors will be sold upon arrival). PRE-ORDER: Expected Ship Date is April 2014

Sultry Shimmerz Vintage Metals Sparkling Pastels


Thanks for checking in.  More to come soon.




  • Sue Fujii

    That is exactly what I wanted to know before buying this product. Thank you so much for taking the time to give me the information I was searching for. You’re awesome!!!!

  • ScrapDiaries

    It is water based so depending on what you are doing, it may react. For example – if you spray the mist, let it dry and then want to ink on top of do some stenciling with a texture paste, you should be fine. If you reactivate the mist by applying something else that is water based – like another mist, it may blend. Hope that makes sense. It will also vary from product you are trying to apply to – i.e. – paper vs. a non porous surface. paper will seep in – a non porous surface like plastic will immediately reactivate and make s mess.

  • Sue Fujii

    Is the Color Bloom Prima Spray Mist a permanent spray or does it react with water? I can’t find the answer anywhere…I thought you might be able to give me that information. Thank you so much in advance….Sue

  • Lorena S

    Makes me hate that my flight was canceled and I missed Steff’s and Jamie’s classes even more! Love the blog post about the comparisons … thanks you Janene!

  • Lisa Griffith

    Love the project from Frank’s class, it looks beautiful! So excited about the sprays…hope you had a great time!

  • Céline Régnier

    Wow I already love those new color spray ! I’m sure your Prima’s Art*Venture was fantastic and awesome (I’m jealous!).

  • Pam DeNobile

    They look beautiful! Can’t wait to try them! Loved your art from the Prima classes…..gorgeous