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The Scrapbook Diaries Plowed Out, Ready To Go

Well it took a few days, but we are back in business and ready to go.  All orders are up to date and have been shipped today. Thank you for your patience.

Good thing about being stuck inside for days on end is that you can manage to get stuff done.  We took advantage of the time and will have a new kit posted by the end of this week.  We’d love to hear from you and find out what kind of kits you’d like to see more of.


We think our scrapbooking kits are perfect for all because…

  1. Sometimes we all need a boost in stretching our creativity.  Technique based kits are great to try new things without investing in an arsenal of supplies.  Take our mixed media kits for example… we provide small amounts of paint mediums and mists so that you aren’t investing in gessos, texture paints, mists, etc.  Once you try these kits, we’re sure you are going to want more and eventually your stash will be filled with all sorts of stamps and mediums  to create unique masterpieces over and over. But why not start small.
  2. Their economical given the product in them.  If you were to buy full packs of flowers to get the look and feel of many of our layouts, you’d be spending a small fortune.  Instead, we mix and match all kinds of embellishments and only charge you for what goes in to the kit.  Great way to get the variety.
  3. Sometimes it’s just nice to not think.  Let’s say you want to create a layout  for your kids school photo.  Sometimes it’s just nice to say – I like that. You recreate it without having to go through all the “where do I put this”, “what do I do with that”.  Speaking of, we need to restock our school layouts.

So what type of projects do you want to see?

Project Life?


technique based layouts?

Send us a message and we’ll be sure to consider your thoughts.  We’d love to hear from you.  Be sure to check box to receive our newsletter with upcoming promotions, kits and more.

All the best,