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It’s here! Life Documented Planners from Simple Stories

7049 SN@P! Monthly Dividers

It’s a new year – at least it’s the month of the new year. Better late than never! I for one am in desperate need of organization and planning my activities.  Could; have been more excited when I saw the Simple Stories Life Documented Planner System.  All the bits and baubles you could want or ask for to make things work for you.  See for yourself with this little short video.

Love it right? Biggest problem I foresee is committing to an album color.

You can find the complete line of products here.

First you choose an album color.  Simple Stories makes the 6×8 Albums in Faux Leather. Colors include: Pink, Teal, Green, Red, Brown and Black or get a 6×8 Binder with colored seem binding and raw chipboard you can leave alone or cver with patterned paper, paint or whatever.

4040 6x8 Brown SN@P! Faux Leather Album
4040 6×8 Brown SN@P! Faux Leather Album

Next, chose which tabs and inserts you would benefit most from. Mix and match them all. No wrong answers here.

7047 7046 6x8 SN@P! Basic Planner Inserts
7047 7046 6×8 SN@P! Basic Planner Inserts

After that, pic the little goodies and gadgets you “have to have”. Clips, Stickers and more

7053 Life Documented Clips
7053 Life Documented Clips
7041 SN@P! Label Stickers
7041 SN@P! Label Stickers
7052 SN@P! Basic Washi Paper Tape
7052 SN@P! Basic Washi Paper Tape

I could keep going on but I think you get the idea…. See it all here!