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La Boheme III by Frank Garcia is Here Now

La Boheme III by Frank Garcia

Finally… we have all the pieces in place to provide you with the makings to follow Frank Garcia along on his last Live With Prima show. La Boheme III is a 6″ x 6″ handmade album featuring Prima’s Nature Garden Collection from Jodie Lee.  This beautiful album can be seen from start to finish here. Please note quantities are limited.

The kit comes with the materials needed to follow Frank along. Please see full product description for all details.

La Boheme III by Frank Garcia
La Boheme III by Frank Garcia

Stunning, right?  Frank’s signature style comes out on this cover!

And as if this kit weren’t enough for the week, we have lots more coming… the next installment of Beauty and Grunge will be available!!!!  As we previously announced, our Grunge Girls are Georgia Heald and Olga Heldwein while the “Beauties” are Stacey Young and Maiko Kosugi. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I figured I’d divulge a little more information about the kit today…

Here’s how the kit works…. We have these 4 amazing designers.  each one of them has created a fabulous 12″ x 12″ layout along with a video tutorial.  We have created step by step photo directions to coordinate with the videos for referral that we’ll send along with the kit.  Do you like one designer more than another or prefer one style over another?  Well, there’s options to make this kit give you the most bang for your buck. Each designer created a second layout using materials from one of the other designers. Yes, we switched up styles. The bonus layouts don’t’ come with direction or video but then again, they never do, right? 🙂

In addition, we are bridging you even more samples!!!! the ever talented Mona Pendleton agreed to guest design not one, not two, not three but four layouts for us using the materials from the kit!!!! These don’t come with direction but they sure pack a lot of inspiration.

So what’s better than all of this?  Each designer got specific products to use for their kits but we combined the stencil, stamp and mediums so that the cost per page price is less than our usual kits. And if you’ve ever seen Stacey’s work, you know the amount of flowers that can be added to a page so that is saying a lot. 🙂

Well, like the last time, we were able to pull together some special components for this kit. First, we have an exclusive stamp set that was mainly designed by Georgia Heald with a little added from me.  Georgia created some hand drawn stitched circle stamps that are a must have an only available in this kit!  Please note the stamp was mis-marked but theres no mistaking Georgia’s style on it.  In fact should we give you peek….

Beauty and Grunge November 2014 Exclusive Stamp Set
Beauty and Grunge November 2014 Exclusive Stamp Set. Designed by Georgia Heald / Janene Meyerowitz

LOVE IT!!!!!  So obvious which pieces Georgia designed!  Can’t wait to use it!!!

Next up, we prepared an exclusive 12″ x 12″ stencil for it but when we submitted it to The Crafters Workshop for them to cut it for us, they loved it so much that you’ll be seeing this as a stencil under their label in January. The 6″ x 6″ is going to be fun!  So the one we have for you in the kit is a pre-released stencil! Who doesn’t love getting their hands on something a little early?   Here’s a peek….

Beauty and Grunge November 2014 Stencil
Beauty and Grunge November 2014 Stencil


We also had our friends at Blue Fern Studios laser cut us an exclusive set of chipboard for this kit. I won’t who you that as we have to leave a little to the imagination don’t we?  Titles include: Happy, Smile, Just a Glimpse and This Moment.

What else could be included? lots to say the very least. We’ll announce it all tomorrow! So be sure to check back in.