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Happy when Grey Skies by Maiko Kosugi

Happy When Grey Skies by Maiko Kosugi (MMK124)

As promised, we are on a roll with brand new kits from the best the world has to offer!

Maiko Kosugi from Japan joins The Scrapbook Diaries roster of amazingly talented artists. Not sure that was the right words since we have already seen some of Maiko’s work in the last Beauty and Grunge Mega kit but this is her first exclusive.

As is typical of Maiko’s designs, this layout is STUNNING!  Maiko has a way of layering pieces and mixed media elements in such a calming way. This may be the case because of the way she incorporates her materials or splashes some gesso at the end to tie it all in… I don’t really know but I do know I had a lot of fun following her along on her tutorial and making a similar one myself.

Happy When Grey Skies by Maiko Kosugi (MMK124)
Happy When Grey Skies by Maiko Kosugi (MMK124)

Beautiful right?  There’s a lot of product in this one.I kind of mixed up the way we usually offer kits on this one. We are offering Basic and Basic Plus.  Basic as always includes the papers, flowers, trinkets, etc.  I did choose to include 1 Chalk Edger (Dry Sand) in the basic because I felt the hue is PERFECT for bending the printed chipboard in to the page.  In addition, two stencils were used which are available a la carte (Static Stencil from Prima is in very low stock and not available anymore). The other stencil, Optic Impressions from The Crafters Workshop is among one of my favorites (always plenty on hand). But as you can see in the layout, the stencil work is subtle and can easily be replaced with other stencils you may have on hand.  The Basic Plus kit includes 3 Chalk Edgers, Mist and Texturez paint as well as a small stamp from Prima.  These colors and stamps are what Maiko used but the colors too might be similar to items you might have on hand. We try to make it convenient so if you don’t have these colors… order the Plus… Whatever works for you. Hope my ramblings make sense.

With a few extra sheets of papers and a few trinkets, here’s the bonus sample I came up with (i love it if I do say so myself). As you will see I added a bit of blue to the layout – for no reason other than there was a leftover blue flower that couldn’t go to waste.  The fabric flowers from Prima used in this kit are one of those ones I hordes from last year. They are no longer available so we have to make sure they go to the right use. Maiko is always worthy! 🙂

Now and then Bonus Sample (MMK124)
Now and then Bonus Sample (MMK124)

Really happy with both the layouts iI created on this one. Always fun to see a new designer join us and get a look in to their creative process.

Happy to say I have a lot of that going on this week/next…. Next kit coming (Monday) will be from Pascale B from France!  You may know her from teams like 7Dots Studio, Mixed Media Place or Maja Design. Pascale applies mediums and textures in a way I haven’t seen before. It’s these small details that set her work apart. I guess I should save all my kind words of admiration for her post.

Following Pascale’s debut, we’ll have another debut – the ever fabulous Di Garling. Another name known throughout the industry. Di hails from Australia and has graced industry teams like 2Crafty and Scrap Around the World. In addition, she does a lot of teaching in Australia.

No idea when I am fitting them all in and only naming the countries they are from as I have somehow turned this post in to the United Nations of scrapbooking… Gabrielle Pollacco (Canada), Garry van Gent (Netherlands), Elena Tretiakova (Russia), Nadia Cannizzo (Australia). Have I left any other designers who I currently have projects for out? I hope not. I know we have others coming real soon.

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