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Happy Together by Maja Nowak

Happy Together by Maja Nowak (MMK145)

Maja Nowak brings us another beautifully sweet layout. This one entities, Happy Together, mixes bright pink with a hint of minty blue.  I love how Maja popped a bit of the light blue in to this page making it so versatile. I for one had a lot of fun working on this layout. Well I have fun on just about all of our kits. Who wouldn’t? It is one fabulous perk of owning this company – I get to work on all the kits. 🙂 Dream come true indeed. But enough of that…

Maja’s layout is filled with little tricks and tips without the mess and fuss of mediums. Sometimes we just need a break from all the goop and dry time right? 🙂

Happy Together by Maja Nowak (MMK145)
Happy Together by Maja Nowak (MMK145)

Beautiful right? One little note -the blue paper clip is not included in this kit. Forgot to tell Maja after her last kit that I included the whole pack in the last one, Happy Life. Maja’s kit comes complete with full step-by-step printed directions (no video). She makes it so easy to follow along! Thank you Maja!

And here’s my bonus sample….

Family Bonus Sample (MMK145)
Family Bonus Sample (MMK145)

It’s so rare I actually put photos in layouts I post. Only reason for this is I never seem to have enough time to find the right photo and can’t commit to one. But this layout… these colors… I have scrapped these pics before but still to do this day, one of my all time little photo shoots with the kids.

Again I am digressing from the point… 🙂 – All materials needed to complete this kit come included. Well, just about all. Only things missing from this one other than basic supplies (trimmer, adhesives, etc.) is a floral stencil and Pumice Stone Distress Ink.  You can easily swap out for products you have on hand 9if you don’t have these) or add them on as they are linked in product description.

So there you have it… another beautiful kit by the talented Maja Nowak!

New products are trickling in… Some Prima, some chipboard… We’ll get it up on the site as soon as we can. Lots of new kits coming as well. Next up, Di Garling (expected post date October 20th). After that, we’ll have kits from Elena Tretiakova, Frank Garcia and Gabrielle Pollacco. We’re also in the process of putting together the pieces from two new designers to The Scrapbook Diaries family. Should I tell you who they are? I guess if you’ve lasted this far and are still reading I really should share… Rachelle Sigurdson and Jacqeuline Moore!  You are going to love what they have created for us!

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