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Girl from the Past by Elena Tretiakova

Girl From the Past by Elena Tretiakova MMK113

Elena Tretiakova brings us another beautiful layout built from the bottom up from white cardstock. She mixes some mists, stencil work and a bit of printed elements from paper to compile a stunning layout. I always love Elena’s style. Almost has some kind of mysterious way or something but there’s no mystery as to how she carets her work when you watch the video to go along with her kits.  She details each step so you can follow along.  As usual the kit comes with just about all pieces needed to make the layout shown as well as a bonus sample. See the complete product listing here.

Girl From the Past by Elena Tretiakova MMK113
Girl From the Past by Elena Tretiakova MMK113

In my sample, I decided not to cut out a photo (I never have photos prepared when doing these layouts so all I ever seem to use is a photo marker to hold a place) so I cut my usual white mat sized to 3″ x 4″ and placed it on the right side of elements and also loved how it looked. I only mention this because I know some of you are not photo cutters.

Here’s the sample bonus layout I came up with…

Bonus Sample to Girl from the Past MMK113
Bonus Sample to Girl from the Past MMK113 by Janene Meyerowitz

And as usual for me – why can’t I get my coloring right?  The layout does pop with the blue very nicely. I was very happy with the way it came out.  Also love the Storm Cloud Color Bloom Spray. It’s such a nice grey, perfect for adding just a bit of shading.

Sorry for the quick post today but off to meet Jaime from The Crafters Workshop as I am picking up all those stencils we have on order. Being in New York, not many local companies but Crafters Workshop and I are not far apart at all! Will be sure to post them later today – there’s so many great styles!!!!!!!

Have a good one and thanks for checking in. Also later this week…. the one and only Gabrielle Pollacco with a oh so stunning layout!!!!!!