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Getting messy can be a lot of fun

And liberating too.  With all the inspiration out there on the blogs, I figured I would try and come up with a mixed media layout on my own for a new kit.  Instead of creating the usual double page layout, I figured two layouts which compliment each other is just fine. With the mixed media kits, who wants to put them in an album? I am almost ready for my new wall of framed layouts.  Of course I am just hoping that my darling little babies don’t climb on the couch to play with these little masterpieces. 🙂

With a little of this and a little of that, here is what I came up with…

MM101 Page 1 MM101 Page 2

I have to say I love the results and I hope you do too.  It was quite liberating in some ways. I messed up the mask a bit but was able to salvage the hole thing. In fact, I don’t think you can mess this one up as the idea is to be grungy, messy and full of texture.

Most exciting news of the day is that we are just one day off from Kasia’s new release… Stay tuned.