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Every Photo Tells A Story by Gerry van Gent

Every Photo Tells A Story by Gerry van Gent (MMK198)

I guess it is no surprise that Gerry van Gent is one of my favorite designers. Not only is she crazy talented but she has a heart of gold!  So when I say Gerry… we are missing you… would you mind doing another kit? She replies – Of course!

Her latest creation for us features a bunch of 49 and Market products from the Cottage Life collection (I Have to say this is one of my all time favorite collections – I LOVE the colors in it!). But anyway – let’s get back to the kit… Gerry provided us with step-by-step color photos and direction. Yes, these are the clearest directions we have ever offered! Unlike myself, Gerry has a clear, level head and knows how to get directions across in a concise and precise manner. English may not be her first language but she does way better with directions than I do. So thank you for that Gerry!! 😉

Here it is…

Every Photo Tells A Story by Gerry van Gent (MMK198)
Every Photo Tells A Story by Gerry van Gent (MMK198)

Thank you Gerry!!! It’s just fabulous!

Another thing I love about this kit – is that it isn’t messy.  Sure it’s layered with beautiful details that make it one to cherish but if you look closely there’s no gesso, no paint…. just a hint of some distress ink (not included). I can love a mess but sometimes… you just want to do your thing. This one allows you to move forward without waiting. I loved that this time (I love all our kits and sometimes a mess is fine or I don’t mind when a layout that takes a week to complete- all depends on my mood I suppose but with the holidays approaching – we don’t have all the time in the world right now). Have I ranted enough?

Using 2 more sheets of paper and just a few extra flowers, I pulled this bonus sample out…

Love Bonus Sample (MMK198)

Not too shabby if I do say so myself. In fact – it’s a favorite for now for sure!! I love these colors and that photo of my boys… well, makes a Mama’s heart sing even if I have used it over and over again on samples.

So I hope you enjoy this kit as much as I do. gerry’s work is always impressive and fun to follow along. She gets the wheels turning so you look at things in a new light.

You can find all the details here.

Not sure what new products are scheduled to come in soon but we will have new kits from Gabrielle Pollacco and Pascale B. I know I have been promising that Pascale B kit… I promise it is coming soon. Gabi’s kit will of course be another fan favorite too – she uses pinks and greens in a delicate way that really packs a punch.

Thanks for checking in!