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Enjoy the Moment by Gerry van Gent

Enjoy the Moments Scrapbook Kit by Gerry van Gent

For once in my life I am on time and as promised posting a kit when I said I would. 🙂  I must confess my excitement for this lit is above and beyond (not that I am not always excited to post kits). It’s just Gerry van Gent has an eye for composition and detail that I have never seen.  This layout is filled with amazing layers, tips and techniques for really making the layout pop. I thoroughly enjoyed every last second as I followed Gerry along on her journey.  The video tutorial that accompanies this kit is nothing less than a class. only difference is you can take Gerry’s class at home and not have to travel to Amsterdam (of course if you are going there, you should really inquire as to whether or not she’ll be holding any workshops in her studio during your stay).  Gerry’s work is always brimming with detail but when you watch her step by step take you through the process you are just in awe of the detail and the mind… How does she come up with these ideas?

I could keep going on but before I do, let me show you what I am talking about…

Enjoy the Moment (MMK117)

Enjoy the Moments Scrapbook Kit by Gerry van Gent
Enjoy the Moments Scrapbook Kit by Gerry van Gent (MMK117)

Where do I beging?  It’s got fussy cutting of course, stamping, stenciling and oh so much more. One of the things I loved about this layout, no down time, no dry time.  With the exception of a coat of gesso on your chippies, the only other medium used was ink.  An array of beautiful colors that mix and match to make a unique project look seamless.

I for one am hanging this one up in the house! Of course I will need to find the perfect pic like Gerry did. How cute is her daughter and how perfect does it look here?

All this being said… I could totally follow Gerry along but when it came time to creating a bonus sample I was beyond baffled as to how could I come up with something comparable. Truth is, I can’t.  The details and composition Gerry used were just beyond my taunts that I had to do something similar but… I don’t know the words. I do love my bonus sample but took it in a complete opposite direction. I did use left over elements from the Blue Fern Studios papers. In fact, all that’s added to the kit for the bonus sample is one sheet of patterned paper, a sheet of solid card stock, 5 small flowers and a single word chipboard title. Bascially I am trying to say I didn’t add much to make this happen.  The whole thing did get turned completely by my choice of patterned paper for the background… I used a sheet of paper from there Timeless Memories collection from Prima. yes it is grungy. Not sure how I thought I would wind up with something as pretty and delicate looking as Gerry’s but in the end I like the end result. Hope you do too….

Memories the Make You Smile Bonus Sample MMK117
Memories the Make You Smile Bonus Sample by Janene Meyerowitz (MMK117)

You’re totally scrolling up and down going how does this go, right? 🙂  I warned you – polar opposites.

OK, so there you have it.  Quick note, we also added Gerry’s Distress Piercing Wheel to the store. Limited quantities right now but we have more on order. This is a nifty tool that pierces paper amazing when used over a foam mat. No need to pull out the sewing machine if you don’t want to.

Thank you Gerry for this amazing kit!  I know I have said it countless times but SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU BACK!  Love seeing all your works!

Can you believe we have more lined up this week? Not sure when I will find the time to create, post and fill orders but we’ll make it happen… A double kit from Gabrielle Pollacco this Friday!! that means 2 pages with 2 videos plus 2 bonus layouts!  I think you might like these A LOT!!!!!!!!

Thanks for checking in.