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Changes to Kits

We are so happy to be able to offer our customers project kits from designers around the world. These designers offer us the opportunity to learn amazing new techniques and try new products.  But let’s face it, mixed media kits require a lot of product.  Our kits are valued at prices that reflect the product used in that kit.  After some evaluation with friends and customers, we’ve decided to change things up a bit as kits can get pricey with different mediums, stamps and/or stencils.

Complete Vs. Basic Kit Options:

As always, you will be able to purchase kits in their “Complete” form so you know you’ll have all the materials you need right at your finger tips without having to go digging or looking for materials that might take a back burner in your work area. Well, just to be clear when I say complete, I mean all materials needed to make the kit with the exception of basic tools (adhesives, scissors and/or trimmer, etc.) and inks.

We have recently started offering many of our kits in a “Basic” version.  The Basic version may change from kit to kit depending on what materials and supplies are used.  There’s a few reasons for this…

  1. Saving money is saving money and can never hurt.
  2. Some stencils or stamp sets may be used in several kits. If you have it, why buy it again?
  3. Putting reasons 1 and 2 together – sometimes you might have something similar that could work for you, why spend more money.

We will always list products included in each version so you know what you are getting. In addition, we will provide links to the products not included in the Basic version so you can add one to your cart but not another. Options are always a good thing.


Another added cost to any kit is the mediums used.  I am a firm believer that the mists, paints, gelatos, etc. used in the kit are essential. I believe these items make the designer kits what they are (most of the time). The colors and specific mediums are hand picked by the designers to make the project displayed.  We’ll continue to add these in to all kits.

But we can save you some money on the “usual” mediums used… the gels, gessos, etc. Most of our customers seemed to have dabbled here or there with some mixed media projects at one time or another.  The added $2.50 here and there can also make the cost of kits higher.  We’re going to eliminate these from kits moving forward (kits already available prior to this email will still have them as they are all packaged up in kit form already). We will again provide a link if you need to purchase these materials in their full size.

In fact, I’ll make sure we still offer the “trial size” that we usual include in the kits at present. So you’ll be able to get a mini (.5oz) bottle of Studio Gesso from Ranger for $2.50 or a .5 oz container of gel/molding paste/super heavy gesso/etc. for $2.50 as well.  We want all of our customers to feel the value in our kits that we believe we offer as well as make sure they need what they have to follow along.

Thank you for all f your support, patronage and friendship. We welcome comments as to how we can better serve your. Please feel free to drop us a comment any time.

Thanks you,