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CHA Products on Order

Exciting times as the industry is preparing for CHA next week.  By now you’ve probably seen a lot of previews and some full releases.  We’re already ordering despite not even being at the show just yet. So here are some updates….

1 – Any orders placed this coming week won’t be filled until the 12th.  We’re going to Prima’s Art Venture in Anaheim as well as the first day of CHA. The trade off when hubby says you can go but you have a 4-day window.  I’ll always chose Prima.

2 – Prima: We already ordered a boat load and plan on ordering more. You can see their releases online here.  We’ll begin offering pre-orders as soon as we find some time to upload all the images and product information. Orders will be sent on first ordered basis. Anyone in love with the Color Bloom Sprays like I am? $8 a bottle is a bit pricey but that nozzle… too cute. Also heard some good things with respect to the 2-ways it sprays and their ergonomic handle.  We’ll offer in sets at a reduced rate for pre-orders so if interested… stay tuned and we’ll see what we can do. Also on my HAVE to HAVE lists… Cartographer from the ever so talented Frank Garcia and Ingvild Bolme. I ordered more from these two collections than any other collections to date. Really looking forward to them. And of course we got bits and pieces from the other collections.

6a00d83451cc5c69e2019b03899c36970c-550wi.jpg           speakibolme+664.jpg

3 – 13 Arts. Perhaps not CHA related but we have it on order and it’ll be here soon and I for one can’t wait. Timeless Collection of paper, Matte Paints, Stencils and more.  Aida even created two kits exclusively for us with videos of her process. They are awesome. We’ll be sure to post as soon as we have it all in and are ready to ship.

4 – 7Dots.  Have you seen their 3 new collections just posted online? New 7Dots designer, DeeDee Catron brings us Nature Walk. Love this collection! And who doesn’t love Finn? Another great collection, Cold Country. The third collection was created by the ever so talented  Anai (Anna Iwanowska); Illumination.

Cold Country Collection Pk SDPP0104

5. Blue Fern Studios.  More pieces coming soon.  Michele Singh has been BUSY. She’s been creating some of the most beautiful, unique page dangles. Love them!  Not to mention some new words/phrases from yours truly.

precious memoriesRomantic Page Dangles Royal Page Baubles

I am sure there is plenty more to come. I’ll see if I can post anything from the show – floor pics and other products we order. Of course, if there’s anything you’d love to see us carry… drop us a note or post a comment.  Always happy to try and accommodate!

Next kit lined up…. one from the talented Adrienne Ford.