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Autumn by Adrienne Ford & Memory Box

As promised…. Adrienne Ford is back with another layout, Autumn.  This beautiful layout highlights all the things wonderful about the fall season.  Adrienne uses Silks from Luminarte to create a unique background that blends spanish moss, flowers and leaves to create this effect.


Projects 028

When you purchase this kit you get the materials and access to an online video to follow along. In addition, we’ve included a few extra pieces so you can crate another layout. Here’s a sample of mine…

Autumn Bonus Sample

In addition to Adrienne’s new kit, we’ve also posted Memory Box dies and two stencils. We have never carried dies before for several reasons. One, we don’t want to carry products you can find everywhere. Two, just haven’t been overwhelmed by too many die companies because I hate when they don’t cut clean or take forever to pop all the little pieces out.  Well, all that has changed…. personally I have never used metal dies quite like Memory Box.  The are intricate, smooth and on some awesome non-stick kind of metal.  You may have to smack the backside on a table or something but they are like butter! Here’s a few examples…

Queen of Hearts 98780Lunetta Butterfly Outline 98745brea Ornament98829Bamboo Shoots 98793

They also just released some stencils. Had to try some out but unfortunately only got two designs (for now)…

Rings and Puddles 88506Shine 88505

We’ve been even busier… Also finally added the Double Scoop Gelatos from faber-Castell to the store.  Now, these yummy mediums are available in twie the size and in individual colors….


So that’s it for now.  Coming early next week…. an awesome beach layout from Misty Russell.

Thanks for stopping by.