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Art Anthology Back in Stock

We just received our order of Coloration spray s- all 24 colors and some restock on your favorite colors of sorbet’s and velvet dimensional paints. Yeah! These paints and mists are great. Big difference between Glimmer Mists and these mists is they provide more coverage without the glimmer.  You’ll be sure to see these mists and paints making their way in to some upcoming kits.

And on more things to come…. Ever hear of 13 Arts? If not, you need to check them out.  It’s another great company from Poland. Is it just me that is asking what they put in the water in Poland?  I think we should all take a trip if some of the creativity pouring out of this country can rub off.  Between 7Dots and 13 Arts on the product front and Kasia, Finn and Aida… There are plenty more talented designers there as well but we can’t name everyone from one entire country.