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Always Together by Ayeeda

Ayeeda (Aida Domisiewicz) from 13Arts has another mixed media kit for us.  Her latest kit, Always Together, highlights the Timeless Collection as well as an assortment Ayeeda paints and mists.  The step-by-step direction is an online tutorial that details the how-to’s to create so much depth and texture on your projects.

Always Together

Always Together

And like most kits here, we gave you some extra products to make a bonus page. Actually, this one only includes 2 extra sheets of paper. As you will see when you go through it, you don’t need much except these awesome paints and mists to make these materials go a long way.

Perfect Moment Bonus Sample

When you purchase the kit, you’ll get access to the online tutorial, papers, 4 jars of paint, 2 mini misters filled with Chalk mist, chipboard and clock stencil all from 13Arts (you can see a compete list of materials in the product description). Pretty much all you’ll need is some gesso, molding paste and a stencil to make this pop.