About The Scrapbook Diaries

The Scrapbook Diaries was established in 2007 as a creative venture to provide scrapbook kits to stores.  Having various class kits with step-by-step instructions and photos was a way of bringing new ideas and techniques to people who couldn’t otherwise schedule time for an in-store class.

Through the year’s our kits have evolved but one thing remains the same, our love of scrapbooking.  We bring high quality products to our customers along with with fresh ideas and techniques.

Why choose kits from The Scrapbook Diaries?

It’s simply, our philosophy is order what you want and nothing more.  We aim to bring a wide variety of color palettes, themes, styles and techniques to our kits so that there’s something for everyone.  Each kit includes materials to make completed project, color photo(s) and step-by-step instructions on how to complete.

Basic scrapbooking supplies are required to complete and do not come included in the kit. These types of materials include but are not limited to paper trimmer, scissors, craft knife, adhesive, etc.  If a specific product or tool is needed to complete the project, we will stipulate in the product description or include in the kit (i.e. gesso, paint brush, etc).  Many samples shown have been distressed with ink and/or a distress tool.  For more information on distressing, click here.

The majority of our kits are for the moderate to advanced scrapper but there are a few that are simply and quick to put together.  More elaborate projects require fancy cutting with a craft knife and/or scissor while others require nothing more than basic cutting for mats to specified sizes.

There’s never an obligation to buy the unknown or unwanted.

How much do kits cost?

Kits are priced according to the product that is in them.  Our kits are usually more economical than purchasing product on your own as we often split packs to make your money go farther and provide more variety within the kit (i.e. floral kits can use up to 5 different types of flowers. By slitting packs, you get the reward of only buying the flowers used in that kit). Of course it isn’t always possible to split packs of all products so there’s usually some leftovers for cards or other projects.

Do you substitute any product?

The Scrapbook Diaries reserves the right to make substitutions within each kit should it be deemed necessary. The only substitutions made will be in the event that the substitution is minor and does not disrupt the look of the project (i.e. a piece of orange paper is substituted for a similar orange or a flower is slightly different).  We will not compromise the final look of a project.

Who is behind The Scrapbook Diaries?

That would be me, Janene Meyerowitz.  For the past 10 years I have been addicted to scrapbooking.  So much so that I was even proposed to in the pages of Creating Keepsakes.  Early on, I co-owned and designed for a scrapbook manufacturing company.  During that time I taught classes at CHA, CKC and many other national events.  For the past 5 years, I have taught at local stores and have been designing kits for the Scrapbook Diaries.