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13Arts and a Kit from Ayeeda

Happy to report that  Ayeeda (Aida Domisiewicz) from 13Arts is back with another kit for us.  Ayeeda is always showcasing various textures on her projects and this one is no different. Her latest mixed media kit, Once Upon A Time, shows you step-by-step in an online tutorial the how-to’s to create so much depth on your projects.  Not to mention it showcases that adorable baby perfectly but since you don’t have her photo… you’ll have to settle for learning some great techniques to create texture on your works.

Once Upon A Time:

Ayeeda LO 1 TSD

As you would expect, this kit is loaded with 13Arts materials- from papers to mists to paints.  13Arts papers are ideal for taking a boat load of mediums without giving you the usual warping that can occur.

As with so many of our kits, we want to give a little extra value since there are several mediums included in this kit.  With an extra sheet or two of paper and a few embellishments, you can make a second page.  Following the same techniques Ayeeda used, here was the sample I came up with:

Timeless Bonus Page

Hope you like!

We’ve also added a bunch of 13Arts products to the store. Rest assured I still have to add more (the paints and Timeless papers). Just limited on time at the moment. We’ll get them up within the next day or two. Thanks for your patience.

Things to look forward to… next week – an all new one from Kasia!!!!